Braille Score Translation Group "Hoshi"

Last Update: 2014/7/13

"Hoshi" is a nonprofit volunteer organization in Tokyo, Japan, consisting of about 60 individual members.
We have been transcribing music scores into braille notes for those visually handicapped who wish to learn and enjoy playing music of all kinds.
(Japanese word "Hoshi" means "Star" in English. We named our group after "Star" because braille "dots" look like stars in the sky.)

We have translated over 1000 scores since 1981, and hope these are helpful for visually handicapped musicians and students worldwide. You can browse selected score titles by clicking the links below.

Description of this English Page
This page is prepared for those who cannot read/understand Japanese text.
Although limited in volume, we created this page to provide people outside Japan the information of and access to our publication list.
If you want to make an inquiry and/or order, please follow the guidance provided below.

Music Scores are currently classified into 6 groups below.
Main Classification Remarks/Comments
Vocal Music Some titles include accompaniment part(s) notes.
Violin Music Including Viola, Cello and other string instruments
Piano Music Including Organ and other keyboard instruments
Flute Music
Saxophone Music
Chamber Music Some include part scores only (not a complete score)

Data Format
The data format used to save our braille music scores is BSE. The data format may not be compatible with those software available in countries outside of Japan. There may be difficulties regarding page set-up when printing them. Thus, we plan to provide braille music scores in sheets to international users.
If digitised data format is desired, we will consult with each other to make sure the data we provide is in usable format for international users.

How to Contact Us
We ask anyone making inquiries/orders to send us an E-mail, including details of your request, your name, organization, mailing address, etc.
After we process your inquiries/orders, we will reply with information, possibly including delivery method and pricing.

Please contact us via e-mail for further information.

Our e-mail address: .